Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Wouldn’t it be great to go back to the pivotal times in your life and give yourself sound advice?  

Words of encouragement, support and guidance that everything is happening for a reason, that some of the failures, challenges and detours in your life will end up being looked upon as your greatest life divining moments later in life.  

Some are moments of joy that you wish to relish and savour as time quickly slips by, others will see you dive into places of darkness that you wonder if you will ever survive from however whether your pivotal moment finds you exploring the world, finding yourself, combating the darker side of life, helping others in their moment of need or stepping into your space in this world, your story is waiting to be heard.  

The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self is your opportunity to offer words of wisdom to your younger self and women just like you. Wisdom that has come as the years has gone by. 

How Can I Contribute my Story?

Changing Lives One Story At A Time

The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self book is a travelling book, an International best seller reaching hearts, minds and souls around the world. The book has been lovingly created so once you have read it and have gained the wisdom from it, you write your own words of hope and inspiration in the message box at the front of the book and then you 'Pay Forward' the book to a complete stranger by leaving it on a train, a bus, or even in a cafe.  

The right person will pick it up at the right time and gain the wisdom they need.  

Not only are our readers 'Paying Forward' our stories by passing them on, for every book sold the profits goes to a dedicated charity for each book. Together our readers are helping us in our mission to impact on one billion lives worldwide


It was one cold, wet, winters morning in the UK, that would start the journey of The Pay it Forward series of books when its creator Kezia Luckett, decided to go for a walk to clear her head. What happened within the next five minutes of that walk would ultimately change her life, for the better. Within minutes of walking in the pouring rain, she started to see images flash in front of her eyes, hear voices and heard a barrage of questions running through her head. She hurried home sat in front of her computer and her fingers began to type and at the end of the hour, when she started to read back what she had written she realised that not only did she have the start of a worldwide movement that would empower and inspire women around the globe but also a book that would change the lives of billions and in that moment the " Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self" books were born


Collaborate with women around the world to create a book brimming with heart warming, inspirational stories as you are recognised as a true Woman of Contribution and legacy creator

  • Become a published author 
  • Join a global movement of women determined to make a change in this world and 'Pay Forward' impacting on 1 billion lives around the globe
  • Showcase your business, vision and mission with women who need to hear your story
  • An opportunity to inspire and impart wisdom to the next generation of changemakers
  • Increased publicity and global reach to new audiences in different countries
  • Have your picture on the back of the book with your other co-authors 
  • 10 month coaching programme with an incredibly powerful, therapeutic, empowering experience that will help you to release any blocks to serve and contribute more
  • Leave a legacy that will empower other women
  • Profits from the sale of the book will go to our chosen charity 
  • Be in a sisterhood of 36 women and counting building relationships with your other book sisters from around the world as you connect via your private facebook group and support one another through this inspiring journey

Contribute your chapter and become
a leader for change 

Your Investment In Sharing Your Story & Leaving A Legacy

How to contribute to making lives better around the world:  

 For those with a burning desire to share their story to empower, inspire and connect with others around the world 

Become a Published Author & Legacy Creator

Dedicated chapter in the book for your Note To Your Younger Self up to 3,500 words  

10 month step by step guided process to help you write your chapter 

Your links to your website printed at the end of your story  

1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Sessions with Positive Psychologist Kezia Luckett x 2 to ensure you get to the heart of your story and release the emotional bonds and limiting beliefs associated with that story  

Blog post on the Women of Contribution website with your details 

 Head shot and bio for the landing page for pre-order advertising  

Inclusion into private facebook group for contributing authors joining 36 previous authors

Final editing of your chapter, layout, book cover and publication with publishing company

Special invitation for you to attend for free your VIP book launch evening to celebrate your book in March 2020

5 free copies of the book for you to Pay Forward immediately 



Volume 1 Co-Authors of the Pay it Forward book at their book launch party with the wonderful Marie Diamond from the hit film "The Secret"


Hear some of their stories as to why they felt the internal pull to step forward and be a part of this ever growing movement 

Flavia Powell - The Happiness Engineer - Volume 2

Tany North Shymko -Spectrum Arts - Volume 2

Kirsty Kayn - Her Happy Life Academy - Volume 2 

Leanne McPherson -Writer - Volume 2 

Judith Quin - Your Whole Voice - Volume 2 

Laura Ceppelli - Limitless - Volume 1

Tracy Leonetti - LBS Relocation - Volume 1

Sylvia Baldock - Volume 1


Women of Contibution Ambassadors from Volume 1

Women of Contibution Ambassadors from Volume 2

Creator of The Pay it Forward Series: Kezia Luckett 

Positive Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, International Best Selling Author, CEO & Trailblazer of Women of Contribution a global, powerful platform for contribution driven women who want to collaborate and share their gifts with the world  

Having spent all of her life being the ‘go to’ person for women in need, eight years ago she took a step further. Having personally identified with the struggle that many professional women have juggling the ever busy work/life balance she created a successful, female based concierge company dedicated to supporting women in every aspect of their lives.  

As the business grew and flourished, Kezia got lost in a sea of responsibility and service to others until she felt she failed to exist at all. A series of events and the words of a business coach who said “Your business is no longer making you happy” was the wake up call and what she needed to hear to follow her heart, remember her passion and change the way her life was going.  

Today she is helping others see the beauty in the life they lead and helps empower them to understand they do not need to become lost to make a difference to others. She has returned to a long held dream to do a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology to further assist her and her clients. She believes that each woman has the gift of contribution within them to make a difference to themselves, their community, their town or their country.,

Kezia is relentless in her mission, to make the world a better place for women around the globe. With an unwavering belief that when women are empowered to recognise their gift and share it with the world, each and every one of them can make a difference.  

The Pay It Forward Series is an example of how united we are strong, together we can make a difference, one woman at a time