Do you have moments in your past where you wish you'd had the insight that you have now? 

Lessons you've learned that you wish you could go back and share to yourself of sound advice and guidance? 

Words of encouragement, support and belief that everything is happening for a reason, that the failures, challenges and detours in your life will end up being looked upon as your greatest life defining moment. Words like this gives everyone hope and makes the future look even brighter.  

The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self is a heart-warming, inspiring collection of life stories from 18 women from around the world as they offer up words of hope, wisdom and inspiration, not only to their younger selves at pivotal points in their lives, but also to others, to pay forward the knowledge that they have gained through their experience, with other women just like them. 

If you've ever wished for someone to take you by the hand and lead you to a better future for yourself and those around you, then order your kindle or paperback version and learn from these powerful women's stories. 

Once you have read the book its time to 'Pay it Forward' . Write your own message of hope and inspiration in the message box at the front of the book and then pass it on to friends, family or even a complete stranger and help us to impact on over one billion lives.  

Meet the phenomenal authors of the next Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self book Vol 2 at the De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor for a VIP evening of glamour, elegance and prosecco in the historic chapel as we celebrate their contribution to the world and officially launch the paperback version of Volume 2 in The Pay it Forward Series


About the Creator, Kezia Luckett


With over 20 years’ experience inspiring, empowering and supporting women through coaching and her work as an entrepreneur, in 2016 her life changed dramatically following a vision to create a worldwide movement, a community of contribution and collaboration. Through her Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self books she coaches legacy entrepreneurs to step forward as leaders for change, with one aim in mind to impact on one billion lives worldwide.  

Kezia is now on a mission to inspire all women to leave an impactful footprint through collaboration and sharing their gifts with the world in the Women of Contribution Community, as she knows that United we are strong, Together we can make a difference…..One woman at a time.  


Meet your AMAZING Guest Authors. 

Kezia and 18 other Key Women of Contribution have come together to bring you these stories. Get to know them a little better...

RaShawn Reneè

RaShawn Renée is a global leader for change and the creator of Real Truth Intl. An organization that honors, celebrates and educates women to eradicate the dominate conditioning and social norms that have marginalized, conditioned and kept women silent for so long.  

As author of the highly anticipated book 44 hours and 21 minutes; A Woman’s Truth and Power, she teaches women how to excavate, examine and release the conditioning that no longer serves them. While aiding them in discovering more about themselves and design a life where they can be fully seen and know they matter.  

Her intimate approach establishes another way-of-being, that creates a life-of-delight, perpetuated by self-honoring choices, that ultimately leads to inner fulfillment and whole-self-acceptance. In brief she champions women and girls to fully step into knowing their Real Truth and living in their Power.

Christine Tylee

Christine Tylee is a motivational speaker and an award-winning leader with a multi-million dollar turn-over and16 years experience in the Direct Sales Industry.  

When her daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia, she realised how truly blessed she was to have such a flexible business. She founded ‘Direct Sales Inspiration’ as a means of empowering women in Direct Selling to achieve success with integrity and authenticity.

Christine has a background in teaching, with a Masters Degree in Education. She loves combining her teaching skills, positivity and business knowledge with lessons learnt from her daughter’s battle with cancer to uplift, educate and inspire. 

Robin Bersson

Robin Bersson, the C.F.O. and partner in Legacy Life Productions and the Co- Executive Producer and Producer of AwakeningGIANTS, has dedicated her life to giving voice to the voiceless, dignity to the marginalized and hope to those living in fear and despair. Her production company is pioneering a new brand of reality TV via AwakeningGIANTS to inspire a global movement of exponential conscious leadership, community and contribution that positively impacts millions of lives worldwide. Robin is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and has triumphed over tremendous challenges where she lost everything. Robin transformed personal tragedy into a lifelong commitment to helping those who would have been deemed “subhuman” given a different set of political circumstances. Her visionary approach to uplifting the lives of our global citizenry proves the adage”one person can make a difference.”  

Judith Quin

Judith created Your Whole Voice as a vocal-liberation method for high-purpose leaders, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to speak with greater clarity, confidence, and conviction. By combining her acting, coaching, and voice vibration sound-healing skills, she reconnects you to the truth behind your ‘Higher purpose’ when you speak (that which is really important to you). Working in this way changes peoples’ lives; liberating them from old life-patterns around self-expression, and connecting them to their whole, true, more confident, self. Judith is also a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe and author of ‘Stop ‘Should-ing’. Start Wanting.’

Leanne McPherson

Leanne McPherson is the Director and joint owner of a specialist logistics company. She is also a wife, a mum, and the author of her debut novel, The Huntsmen of Nethermoor.  

Following the death of her father in 2011, Leanne embarked on a journey in search of the truth. What she found along the way changed her life.  

In honestly sharing her experience, it is Leanne’s desire that others will be inspired to embark on their own journey, and through reflection, compassion, and forgiveness, they will find contentment and peace. 

Loubna Zarrou

During her years as an employee she discovered how easy it is to go from happy to unhappy at work and back again. These experiences started her journey into the science of happiness and triggered a passion she didn’t know she had. She has invested thousands of euros and many hours in learning the science of happiness from experts from around the world. 

She now speaks, delivers workshops and supports clients by teaching them the strategies she learned and used to become happier in the workplace. She has already touched the lives of hundreds of people through her workshops and her goal is to reach 1 million souls by 2020. 


Niki Moss Simpson

Niki Moss Simpson is the founder of Shine Sparkle Radiate; a well-being and lifestyle initiative empowering girls and women to live fully vibrant and vital lives through nurturing mindful techniques, holistic therapies, ancient wisdom, coaching and mentoring, workshops, talks and retreat programs. With over 25 years experience in teaching and international education throughout Europe, and a passion for helping others, she came to the realization that an academic education is simply not enough for girls and women to feel able to reach for their dreams and to thrive. Self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence are the foundations for creating powerful shift to change the world for the better; one divine goddess at a time.

Shane Moore

Shane Moore is passionate about helping people reconnect to themselves to relieve their pain and improve their movement and quality of life regardless of their diagnosis. She believes that everyone has the ability to exceed their goals and live without pain and illness.  

A highly trained JFB-Myofascial Release specialist and owner of Elite Performance Therapy, Shane has helped many people significantly change their lives through manual therapy and her free online self-treatment program Feel Better Now!©. Fibromyalgia, concussion, scoliosis, tumors, acute and chronic injuries or high volume physical training – whatever your pain is, Shane can help you. And with a passion for travel, she will treat you wherever you are in the world.  

Athena Emert Gray

Athena Emert Gray has spent her whole working career dedicated to the intricate details of business. Having been told early on in her career that she would never advance due to not having the required college degree, she set about proving them wrong and has forged her own path in the corporate world.  

With a keen eye for the intricacies of business and the inner guidance to know what works and how to systemize it to increase the bottom line, she has helped Fortune 500 businesses recover millions of dollars. Athena has now turned her attention to supporting women in business with a range of simplified processes and automation that will not only power them forward but help them recognize that they have the power to create the life and business that they dreamed of.

Bianca Best

Bianca Best is on a mission to empower thousands of women around the globe to embrace every life chapter without value compromise.  

To rediscover their happiest, most present, sparkliest and very best selves. Life should not be a series of balancing acts but instead a beautiful blend of intentional living where relationships and work bring energising joy and fulfilment not struggle and strife.  

She inspires and invites all women to collaborate, laugh and learn successful ways of having it all without cracking. Every soul can indeed sparkle, it’s simply about consciously honouring your true self.  

Flavia Powell

Flavia Powell is the Happiness Engineering Entrepreneur, Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, International Speaker and Author.  

Flavia teaches entrepreneurs how to have happier lives, clients, businesses and more success. Her powerful S.M.I.L.E. Model empowers people to weave happiness into all areas of their life by teaching simple yet powerful strategies.  

Having dedicated seventeen years to working in mental health, Flavia’s passion is to teach and lead people onto discovering their unique gifts, purpose, inner peace and fulfilment so they can move from unhappiness to life balance and happiness.  

Alina Kieras

Is on a personal mission is to help both women and men to connect to their hearts, find an inner peace and create the most extraordinary lives, based on integrity, transparency and loyalty. 

The act of putting herself first, rediscovering empowering habits and eliminating her physical and financial pain allowed her to once again follow her dreams and gain a life filled with joy, purpose, happiness and fun as she stepped forward to be a part of creating a global movement of wellness in the world. 

 Kirsty Kayn

Kirsty Kayn is the founder of Her Happy Life - a womens personal development academy which was launched during a difficult spell in her marriage.  

Having overcome multiple episodes of adversity during her lifetime, Kirsty realised personal development was the key to a happier life. Kirsty's mission is to impact fierce and fabulous females across the globe to live life as the best version of themselves.

Constantly growing, Kirsty shares her unfiltered journey through life, alongside her two daughters, on her lifestyle blog and YouTube channel.

Lynette Toma

Lynette’s approach to speech therapy is grounded in understanding the importance of creating supportive spaces for children to foster communication and confidence. Through her 18 years of experience in homes and school-based settings, Lynette evaluates a child's individual needs in order to develop unique teaching strategies to optimize learning.  

She has a high level of experience working with children with autism and ADHD, as well as hearing impairment, cochlear implants, childhood apraxia of speech, Down syndrome, auditory processing disorder and global developmental delays. She is truly dedicated and passionate about her work and believes every child deserves an opportunity to thrive and feel “alive inside.”  

Tanya North-Shymko

Throughout her career as an Artist and Instructor, Tanya North Shymko has taught hundreds of children and adults to SEE – the picture in their mind, the muse in front of them, and the world around them - better. She inspires Students to realize their potential and encourages them to create reality from their imaginations.  

After a string of jobs that demanded more time and energy than she was capable of giving Tanya suffered with adrenal fatigue. With the risk of losing her husband, children, home, and health, Tanya took back control of her time and life and became the entrepreneur that she had always dreamed. Tanya is striving to lead others in the belief that we are each ultimately in control of ‘painting’ our own lives. 

Saskia Van De Riet

Saskia is the founder of BlogAtelier, and is known as the Legacy Content Builder, leading an international sisterhood of legacy entrepreneurs.  

She guides them to write content intuitively and from the heart, so they can live, love & leave their legacy. Having worked in a language and business oriented environment in both the Netherlands and the UK for 30 years, Saskia shows women how to liberate themselves of any obstacles that stand in the way of authentic legacy blogging and content writing. 

Evie Rose

For 15 years Evie Rose has worked with people wanting to move past traumatic experiences into a life that they deserve and guide them to find their true self. She is passionate about facilitating a safe place where people can be seen and heard and to demonstrate that it is possible to create a good life after being abused.  

Her mission is to help people all over the world that have been abused break free from the thoughts and emotions that are hiding deep, within by breaking the chains that bind and rediscovering your voice. 

Fran Borg Wheeler

The Chief Executive of Youth Concern and founder of Heart Centred Leaders, Fran is passionate about helping others to overcome disadvantage to believe in themselves and fulfil their aspirations. Fran believes that deep care and compassion and the desire to connect can transform lives. After graduating with a law degree, Fran worked for a number of charities, supporting clients with mental health and learning difficulties; homelessness and offending behaviour. For the past 12 years, she’s held the privileged position of CEO of Youth Concern. She also offers charities mentoring and consultancy and is a keynote speaker on how to transform organisational cultures with authentic leadership and compassion. Heart Centred Leaders is her new creation, a business which champions the values of compassion, purpose and authenticity in leadership. First and foremost she is a mother and foster carer.  


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To help you on your own personal journey of self- discovery Kezia would love to gift every person that purchases a paperback, a digital copy of “Map Your Past- To Create a Better Future” a workbook that she uses in her top coaching programmes, to help her clients understand the patterns and blueprints of their lives and start to create their own life story.  

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Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Master and transformational leader featured in “The Secret”