Do you have moments in your past where you wish you'd had the insight that you have now? 

Lessons you've learned now, that you wish you could go back and share to your younger self words of sound advice and guidance? Words of encouragement, support and belief that everything is happening for a reason, that the failures, challenges and detours in your life will end up being looked upon as your greatest life defining moment. 

The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self is a heart-warming, inspiring collection of life stories from 18 women from around the world as they offer up words of hope, wisdom and inspiration, not only to their younger selves at pivotal points in their lives, but also to others, to pay forward the knowledge that they have gained through their experience, with other women just like them.  

If you've ever wished for someone to take you by the hand and lead you to a better future for yourself and those around you, then order your kindle or paperback version below and learn from these powerful women's stories.  

But the magic of this book doesn't stop there.  

Once you have read it, write your own words of hope, wisdom and inspiration in the message box at the front of the book and then 'Pay it Forward' to friends, family or better yet a complete stranger. 

Leave your book with a post it note that says "Yes this book is for you" on the front of it and then leave it on a bus, train or cafe and allow the universe to decide who needs to hear your message.  

"The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self demonstrates beautifully what happens when women come together in collaboration not competition; in contribution not personal gain. With a real desire and passion to change the landscape of the world around them they share those moments that many would like to leave behind; knowing full well that in the sharing of them others will benefit, others will feel empowered, others will believe and know that anything is possible, that their reality right now is not where their story ends but possibly a new beginning."

Marie Diamond – Feng Shui Master and transformational leader featured in “The Secret” 

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As you open the pages of this book you will be taking the first step on a journey of self-discovery, just as each woman that has contributed to this collection has been on.

Understanding your past and the impact that it can have on your entire future, allows you to weather the storms and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  

To help you on your own personal journey of self- discovery Kezia would love to gift every person that purchases a paperback, a digital copy of “Map Your Past- To Create a Better Future” a workbook that she uses in her top coaching programmes, to help her clients understand the patterns and blueprints of their lives and start to create their own life story.  

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 “The Pay it Forward Series – Notes to My Younger Self is a beautiful, poignant and powerful collection of stories from around the world, that will uplift, inspire and empower generations of women for many years to come”

Marci Shimoff – International Speaker, Co-founder of Your Year of Miracles and #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

About the Author, Kezia Luckett


Kezia Luckett is a woman on a mission to impact on one billion lives worldwide. Having received the gift of a vision on a walk on a cold, wet boxing day in 2016 of a global movement of women who fully understand how they can share their gifts and contribute to the world and a book that showcases what happens when women collaborate and support one another, the last year and half has been a whirlwind of miraculous opportunities and gifts.  

Having spent all her life being the ‘go to’ person for women in need, eight years ago she took a step further. Having personally identified with the struggle that many professional woman have of juggling the ever busy work/life balance she created a successful female based concierge company dedicated to supporting women in every aspect of their lives. As the business grew and flourished from a team of 3 to 35, Kezia got lost in a sea of responsibility and service to others until she felt she failed to exist at all.  

In total overwhelm, frustration and burnout, she walked away from her business and spent 6 months following her heart, remembering her passions and changed the way her life was going. Including returning to university to study a Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology.  

Today she works with female leaders, as a coach to help them release those blocks that hold them back in business and life so they can create the health, wealth and happiness they deserve in every area of her life as well as inspire women to follow their true purpose and share their gifts with the world because she is a firm believer that every woman can leave an impactful footprint on the world  

Meet your AMAZING Guest Authors. 

Kezia and 18 other Key Women of Contribution have come together to bring you these stories. Get to know them a little better...

Ania Jeffries

Ania Jeffries is the Founder of Women Work and runs her own life coaching business. She is a qualified, award winning Wellbeing and Mindset Coach, licensed NLP Practitioner, Progression Mentor for the Princes Trust, TEDx Committee member, Radio Co-Presenter (London City YDN Business Show aimed at entrepreneurs), Coach for Yes Futures and Ambassador for Girl Rising. Her passion is to support women to inspire the next generation, to consciously make a difference in this world. 

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown is one of the world's most influential visionaries and change agents who empowers leaders to live in the realm of the miraculous, pursue their highest purpose, and fully enjoy their successes. A walking miracle herself, Barbara directs leaders to victory through her own miraculous transformation with giving honest, open and authentic clarity from heaven’s view and has been the guest of Kings and Presidents as she imparts Whole Life and Whole Health to palaces and boardrooms around the world. 

Rhiannon Griffiths

Rhiannon Griffiths is a traditional acupuncturist, wellness coach, yin yoga teacher, author, and creator of The Five Element Life. Rhiannon is regularly called upon as a health expert not only on radio stations, national newspapers but also major health focused national magazines. Not only is she the go-to acupuncturist for the media but celebrities and the general public as well. Treating a broad range of conditions, through an integration of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Five Element Acupuncture, Rhiannon has a special interest in the Five Elements and the holistic treatment of emotional issues within the context of the individual patient.  

Yvette Taylor

Is the creator of the EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, as well as an entrepreneur and change maker by heart, who has taken not one but two companies from zero to six and seven figure turnover in less than 18 months. Her mission is to inspire people from all walks of life that they have the power to change anything they see. Her mantra is “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it’s ALL about who you are being right now”. She is living her mission by working directly with powerful change makers, spiritual entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches and mentors create personal transformation, in order to share their work and positively impact the world. 

Sylvia Baldock

Sylvia Baldock, Personal Presence and Team Dynamics Specialist /Trainer, International Business/Personal Coach, Professional Speaker, Presentation Skills Trainer, Accredited Partner with The Charisma Connection, Global Partner Talent Dynamics, International Author and Regional Director of The Athena Network. A seasoned and engaging business coach/trainer and networking specialist who unlocks the hidden potential in individuals and teams. Sylvia has over 30 years experience of training hundreds of people in personal development, motivation, public speaking, networking and business growth.

Danielle Morrow

What happens when you combine an engineer’s mind with a patent attorney’s attention to detail combined with life-changing transformation? You get Danielle Morrow. After 4 years as a Software Engineer writing code, she switched careers and became a Patent Attorney. Along the way, she became burnt-out, empty and had a breakdown. This life-changing moment woke her up to finding her authentic purpose and was the beginning of a deep, personal journey into personal development. Danielle immersed herself in a host of programs, all of which helped shape her new life and now Danielle has designed her own expression, deciphering a CODE for living a life you love after having turned around debilitating anxiety and breakdown into a life of flow, joy and freedom. 

Ruth Driscoll

Ruth Driscoll is The Life Liberator and is creating a global liberation, leading those living with manipulative, abusive, controlling relationships into empowerment and freedom. Ruth’s training and programmes offer clients impactful insights into how to regain their lives with confidence, congruence and dignity.  

Ruth was the successful Headteacher of a challenging inner-city primary school before the bullying of an abusive partner caused a complete change to her circumstances. She now uses her personal and professional experiences to provide a unique perspective on how it feels to live with an abusive partner and, crucially, how sufferers can release themselves effectively and safely. Ruth is a mentor, trainer and professional public speaker and her story has been heard around the world.  

Izabella Niewiadomska

Izabella Niewiadomska, the Energy Entrepreneur International speaker, performance coach, health strategist, award winning author, the winner of The Global Woman Award 2017 " Women Collaborating for Change", director of the contribution conference, nutrition sponsor on the World Record expedition.  

31 years ago Izabella was hospitalized as a result of a burnout and stress at work, she went on a quest to regain her physical, mental and emotional health and for over 25 years she has been on a continuous quest to support you with yours.  

Izabella had been trained by world renowned scientists, including a nobel laureate in medicine and mentored personally by Jim Rohn.  

She is on a global mission to give simple, easy to follow and effective strategies to leaders and entrepreneurs to transform their health and the communities they live in.  


Sammy Blindell

Sammy is an award winning international speaker, best selling author, CEO of and founder of The Brand Builders Club, a global Centre of Excellence, where passionate entrepreneurs learn HOW to transform their purpose into profit.  

Having spent 23 years in branding and marketing, Sammy built six companies and worked with thousands of businesses, before launching How To Build A Brand. Within eighteen months, her programs launched into twenty-four countries and she now delivers events internationally, speaking on stages all over the world.  

Sammy took the company from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in 12 weeks, using FREE marketing strategies to prove what can be achieved with no budget. She’s now on a mission to show other entrepreneurs how to do it! 

Sarah Sparks

An award winning Executive Coach and Speaker who is passionate about helping professionals have career success, as well as good health and wellbeing. Sarah believes that everyone can be more successful in their relationships, wealth, health and wellbeing when they are supported in the right way, with the right resources and by the right community. Having successfully held senior line management roles in demanding organisations like Goldman Sachs, Sarah paid the price of not having a sustainable strategy and subsequently burning out. She now works with high powered individuals to help them get it right and not make the mistakes she made.  


Deenita Pattni

Deenita Pattni is an international Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, Author and Professional Speaking Coach. She is the founder of The Mind Vehicle Ltd & Viamii, a training and development company helping individuals live and recognise the true potential inside them. Deenita speaks on stages around the world including Europe, Australia, South Africa and Singapore to name a few, sharing her knowledge and knowhow with others. Her big “WHY” is to help professionals overcome their limiting beliefs and feel empowered and encouraged to reach the business success they dream of by ongoing investment and development in themselves.  

Debbie Cromack

Debbie Cromack is a corporate lackey turned renegade and is an inspirational Empowerment and Mindset Coach, helping emerging female coaches overcome mental obstacles so they can ignite their power, own their worth, and transform themselves, their business, and their life. She is the founder of Emerge Empowerment, LLC, a business dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs find their way in this daunting, blissful world of entrepreneurship. Transitioning from a corporate 9-to-5 job to being a successful online coach is a massive endeavor that can be confusing and overwhelming…if you let it. Her job is to make sure you don’t. 

Leeanne Lowe

Leeanne Lowe is the owner and CEO of Empire Creative Marketing and is on a mission to help others discover their authentic purpose and inspire them on their journey to success in accomplishing their goals. On a professional level, this means helping clients communicate their brands effectively, and leading a team of creative professionals in developing attractive and engaging marketing campaigns to support them.

Tracy Headshot

Tracy Leonetti

Is known as ‘The French Connector’ and is the founder of Language & Business Services (LBS) whose main aim is to help people who were looking for a seamless transition in creating a new life and home in France. Tracy has made it her mission to provide the most current and up to date information, resources & support to enhance the speed her customers access the French system, find their dream property and live their dream life in France.

Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore, the High Achievers Coach, Founder of Embody Coaching Ltd and The Embody Approach to Transformational Change, supporting High Achievers overcome the blocks, barriers or limiting false beliefs that are getting in the way to help them achieve ever greater success in their career, work, relationship, or life goals.

Laura Ceppelli

Laura Ceppelli is an International Pilates and Kundalini Yoga teacher, and founder of the blended practice heartcorebody, based in Barcelona. Heartcorebody combines the principles of Pilates with Kundalini Yoga techniques in a capsule class and is the total recalibration of body and mind; toning, strengthening, posture, uplifting and energising as well and nurturing and connecting our inner selves.  

Working with clients who are looking for an efficient, effective practice, to fit in with their lifestyles without cutting corners her bespoke practice has a strong physical focus but also appeals to the spiritual side helping clients to navigate their modern lives and pressures.  

Tina Fotherby

Tina Fotherby is a PR expert with considerable experience gained from working in consultancies and in house. Before entering the PR industry, she was a researcher for what is now the UK’s largest sports industry intelligence service.  

She runs her own business – Famous Publicity – that supports people with huge vision who are making the world a better place. These clients typically operate at a global level yet are 'hands on'. She supports with pro bono work The Teapot Trust charity, which provides medically trained art therapists in hospitals to support children with life-threatening illnesses.  

Debby Montgomery

Debby Montgomery Johnson, #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, businesswoman, and is a woman on a mission. In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” she shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how do to the same. Her background is diverse, from working as a paralegal and bank branch manager to being a U.S. Air Force officer, serving as an Intelligence Officer at the Pentagon, the Defense Intelligence Agency, in Wiesbaden, Germany. Debby is just like you - A woman on a mission to live an authentic, joyful life as the Woman WITH the Smile rather than behind it. 

The Pay It Forward Series is proud to be supporting #MoveToEndDV. 

Founded by Meathead Movers, a for-profit student athlete moving company that provides free moving services to victims of domestic violence, #MoveToEndDV’s mission is to encourage 10,000 businesses all over the world to donate free products or services to shelters, victims and survivors of domestic violence. By connecting shelters and businesses all over the world, #MoveToEndDV aims to change the way communities respond to domestic violence situations, help victims and survivors to start a new life through comprehensive community support, and help put an end to abuse once and for all.